Lexus Hybrid Art 2012

April 19, 2012
ARTPLAY Design Centre

On April 19 at the ARTPLAY Centre for Design, Chris Bosse gave a lecture titled, "BUILDING THE CITY OF THE FUTURE." This was the first event of LEXUS HYBRID ART‘2012, which marked the starting point of a new stage in the life of the project. The first evidence of this glimpse into the future was revealed by Chris Bosse during his lecture. He is one of the most influential innovators of modern architecture, and more than six hundred people packed the lecture hall to hear him, while some fifteen thousand people simultaneously listened to the online broadcast that showed what the city of the future already looks like, albeit, as yet, somewhat far away in geographical terms: for example, the Bosse projects such as the Beijing National Aquatics Center, the Schumacher Tower in Dubai (soon six other towers will be built around the world), and the eco-city Masdar in the UAE, the world's first urban environment powered by solar energy.