Sigalit Landau video works retrospective

7 June – 1 July 2012
Solyanka State Gallery

Sigalit, one of the most prominent women in the art of the XXI century, was born in Jerusalem,growing up in Philadelphia and London and then came back to Tel-Aviv. From there she “builds bridges between past and future, East and West, a person and society” by making video that is clear to all of the world from the first frame.
Today Landau’s works are exhibited in the world’s leading modern art museums.The Pompidou Centre in Parishosts Sigalit’s videos and installations that were shown side by side with the works of Eva Hesse, Louise Bourgeois andMarina Abramovic as a part of “Women in art” exhibit in 2010. As for MoMA in New York, Landau’s personal exhibit opened in 2008, just before the retrospective of thevideoart icon —PipilottiRist. In 2011, Sigalit Landau was representing Israel at the Venice biennale for the second time: her exhibition “One Man’s Floor is another Man’s Feelings” became one of the most popular projects presented in the Jardini gardens and turned out to be the start of world tour of Sigalit’s retrospective. The Moscow exhibit will become one of many and among 14 works will include the latest videos of the artist: Salted Lake and Azkelon. The basic elements of Sigalit’s art — earth, water and salt — don’t change throughout her work being the symbols of motherland, life and wisdom of theancient people. Remembering the pain and dreaming of peace, the artist paints the current state of modern Israel and enriches its drama, pain and happiness with the poetry of her works. At the same time, Sigalit’s works of the last 10 years clearly show the silhouette of the artist of the future who doesn’t just document and research but uses the generations’ wisdom and brings peace to her land, where the never-ending circle of desperation (illustrated by a headband of barbed wire) concedes before the image of tranquility and eternity. The salt of the Dead Sea in Landau’s works is the symbol of testament between the God and people and it cleans conscience and soul, dries the wounds through pain by becoming destinies’ memory and new history’s hope. The retrospective in the State gallery at Solyanka street will take the visitors on a journey through 14 years of evolution of Sigalit Landau’s poetic imagerybased on the most prominent works of the artist: 3 Man Hula (1999), Dancing For Maya, DeadSee (2005), Day Done (2007) and many others.