winter art-machine

20th December, 2012 – 24th February, 2013

A live interactive space for everyone who feels elation at the sight of snow, animation and contemporary art. The Solyanka State Gallery presents an exciting winter exhibition project COVERED WITH SNOW. It consists of twenty-eight outstanding animated films and notable works by contemporary artists who were inspired by snow. All this becomes a single art-amusement for super active children, aggressive teenagers, ecstatic hipsters, young mothers, lonely businessmen, older orthodox ladies and sophisticated guest workers. (For everyone.)

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Project curators: Katya Bochavar and Pavel Shvedov, asistant curator Oksana Smirnova
Artists: Alexander Brodsky, Recycle Group, Marina Alekseeva and Boris Kazakov, Peter Aidu, Heehoos, Alexei Tregubov, Andrei Topunov, Vladimir Klykov, Daria Krotova, Rostan Tavasiev, Maria Koshenkova, Hello Computer Studio and others
Films by Alexander Tatarsky, Yuri Norshtein, Tim Maltby, Roman Kachanov, Robert Saakyants, Diane Jackson, Dave Fleischer, and many more

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