Lexus Hybrid Art 2012

November 14, 2012
ARTPLAY Design Center

The lecture by Julius Popp, attended by over five hundred guests, was a logical continuation of the dialogue about the future, conceived by Lexus as part of Lexus Hybrid Art'2012. Julius Popp devoted two hours of lively dialogue with the Moscow public, explaining the processes of synergy in his work, and the importance of both hybridity and an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art and the world around us. As Julius presented it, the path of the professional artist in the field of science art is impossible today without an immersion in the problems of civilisation's existence in a world of uncontrolled expansion of information technology. Popp is that rare artist who successfully combines both artistic and scientific approaches. The combination of these two qualities show how a creative artist can work within the universal principles of synergy. His interdisciplinary approach allows Julius Popp to qualitatively analyse and transmit the essence of complex scientific processes to a wide audience through the language of contemporary art. The best proof of this was the number of viewers listening online to his lecture, at the site lexushybridart.ru, which breached the 20000th mark.