Every Evening Before Sleep
Yuri Norstein, Valentin Olshvang and «Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi!»

Yuri Norstein 75th anniversary exhibition at the Solyanka VPA State Gallery.

21 December 2016 – 19 February 2017
Moscow, The Solyanka VPA State Gallery

The Solyanka VPA State Gallery is making preparations to launch a unique exhibition project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Russia’s outstanding artist and animation director — Yuri Norstein, and his contribution to Russian and global art. The exhibition will screen his most mysterious and least known masterpiece — an introduction to the «Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi!» TV show. 

In line with Solyanka VPA State Gallery's best traditions, the Every Evening Before Sleepexhibition will include rare artefacts from Norstein’s personal archives, as well as new multimedia art genres, making the exhibition a breathtaking  art  event  that  should  strike a chord with both adults and children — it presents things that can only be described metaphorically to adequately convey their miraculous nature.  

Contemporary Russian and Western artists, skilled at working with audiences of varying ages have designed and created interactive objects and installations specially for the exhibition inspired by Norstein’s animations, and also by dreams, miracles and by the mysterious world of our imagination that is at once far away yet always within our grasp. 

«Every Evening Before Sleep»is set to become the sixth «winter  blockbuster»  exhibition  in a row for Moscow’s museum-goers at the Solyanka VPA State Gallery. Every year dedicated spectators come to the Gallery to see its famous winter exhibits that present compelling exhibits and information (in clear and accessible language) to the general public. Previous winter hits include: «Cold and Beauty», «Cartoons Covered with Snow», «How not to Melt», «Carlson’s Exhibition» — each of these exhibitions attracted record numbers of visitors – from 70 to 120 000 people.